About SSSK

  • we’re a small and flexible charity, set up by students and run entirely by volunteers
  • we promote a positive view of the potential of street children rather than presenting them as victims
  • we support a brilliant ‘portfolio’ of local NGOs working with and for street children in Africa, Asia and South America, all of which we have personal knowledge of through students and/or trustees, who have visited and seen the work being done
  • 100% of monies donated from branches and from direct contributions, go to the NGOs we support, as the trustees themselves cover all the costs of administration
  • we have, and have had, some really enthusiastic and competent students running various branches
  • we work with other NGOs as members of the Consortium for Street Children
  • we are aware that the term ‘street children’ is not always helpful, and, of course, some governments define the age limits on who may be called a child. We use the words generically, recognising that the many young people who are ‘on the streets’ may need support and help until their late teens or early 20s in order to get a secure job and somewhere to live
  • to call them street children is still the most readily recognisable, all embracing and understandable description. Any descriptor must be used with respect for the children and young people involved.