The charity was registered on 22 July 1998 with the Charity Commission covering England and Wales as number 1070646. It was registered in Scotland under the 2005 Act on 12 August 2010 with the number SC041706.

Its objectives (as approved by the Charity Commission) are:

•    to promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of ‘street children’, and in particular, but without prejudice to the foregoing
•    to relieve poverty, sickness and distress;
•    to preserve and protect health and
•    to advance education. Its area of operation is worldwide.

The charity is administered by its trustees, whose responsibilities include those of :
•    raising funds to fulfil the objectives of the charity;
•    cooperating with other charities and voluntary bodies working in the same area/s;
•    to pay any reasonable expenses or costs arising from the operation of the charity, and comply with the obligations under the Charities Act 1992 with regard to keeping account records and the preparation of an annual statement, and the fulfilling of statutory responsibilities in relation to the auditing of accounts and their transmission to the Charity Commissioners;
•    any bank account shall be held in the name of the charity, and all cheques issued from the account shall be signed by at least two trustees;
•    there shall be at least three trustees, and the appointment of future trustees shall be at a special meeting of the then current trustees, provided the candidate/s fulfil statutory requirements;
•    the trustees shall hold at least two meetings each year. Branches have their own committees who have a lot of freedom to organise their own activities and events – and to channel students enthusiasms where they are in line with and support SSSKs objectives. Each branch has a dedicated Trustee as Branch Liaison, and has defined responsibilities in terms of keeping proper records and accounts.