Where we’d like to be

The development strategy for SSSK for the next three or four years is that:
• we would like to be in the position of having around eight to ten active branches, with the main growth being at universities, although we’re also interested in possible new branches in schools as these can feed into the universities. Until recently we had seven active branches, so this is only a very modest increase
• it would be of great advantage if some of the ‘new’ branches were to be in (or at least near) London, as these will be much easier for us to look after. This is not a condition, but an aspiration, and in 2017/18 a branch has been established in University College London
• we would like to have a stable (and increasing) income, including some from past members who are now working and earning
• we would like to be better informed about street child issues based on visits and discussions we may have, attendance at Consortium events, on internal discussions/sharing sessions, and on reports from those who travel

• we would like to be able to respond to specific requests for support from students who have visited street child projects/organisations when travelling, and in 2018 were able to add Alalay in Bolivia where Lucy Wilson (from Cambridge SSSK) was a volunteer for several months
• we would like to be able to offer our branches adequate support and resources, and to have sufficient contact so that we can vouch for their ethical behaviour and also help them achieve sustainability