Resources available from the Trustees (e-mail:

We have a comprehensive PHOTO EXHIBITION which is available for branches to borrow. If you want to use it, contact us at the e-mail above.

We have a guide to collecting money in bars and other public places.

We also have a number of relevant film DVDs, namely:

  • City of God

    In streets where the police rarely go, in Rio, and residents are lucky if they live to the age of 20, a scared and frail young boy grows up to discover that he can view the harsh realities of his surroundings with the eye of an artist. His brave ambition to become a professional photographer becomes a window into his world… and ultimately his way out!

  • Salaam Bombay

    A 10-year old boy comes to Bombay dreaming of making 500 rupees to take home to his mother in the village. Once in the city he is surrounded by policemen, madmen, middlemen,the trading of drugs and flesh, and everywhere there are children like himself, surviving and succumbing to the appetite of the city. The ‘actors’ are all children from the streets.

  • Glue Boys

    Located in Kenya, the film follows the way in which street children find an escape from the realities of their existence in glue-sniffing. It unveils the distribution chain of their addiction from the small-time dealers who facilitate it to the authorities who enable it and the massive multinational corporations who profit from it.

  • Tsotsi

    A gritty young gang leader lives on the dangerous and crime-ridden streets of Johannesburg. The film traces six days in Tsotsi’s life in which he ends up caring for a baby he accidentally kidnaps during a car jacking.

  • Slumdog Millionaire which while it is a heavily Hollywooded (or Bolleywooded) view of street children, also gets across some of the gritty background truths. It provided a Hollywood version relating to aspirations and success.
  • Child Slavery which is a 90 minute BBC documentary presented by Rageh Omaar.
  • Britain’s Street Kids which is a C4 Despatches programme following the stories of four teenagers who find themselves adrift  on the streets and having to fend for themselves.
  • There are also a number of publications available including:

  • Off the radar
  • The executive summary of a report from Railway Children about children and young people on the streets in the UK (2009).
  • State of the world’s street children – VIOLENCE

    A 94-page report which aims to promote a better understanding of the lives of street children and encourage policy-makers, activists, community leaders and service providers to take action to prevent and reduce the level of violence experienced by street children. Published by the Consortium for Street Children (2007).

  • New Internationalist

    Special issues on Street children ‘our lives our worlds’ (April 2005) and Child labour (July 1997).

    UNICEF reports

    An annual and comprehensive resource/awareness document is available from UNICEF.

    It consists of a series of substantial reports entitled State of the World’s Children.  While each is more than 150 pages long, they include a great deal of country by country tabular material and a lot of background discussion. In 2006 the report had  material about how and why children become excluded and invisible – and become ‘street children’. The causes include poverty, family breakdown, war, competition with siblings, domestic violence and abuse from family members, lack of opportunity, the death of parents.

    For anyone wanting to get a broader understanding of what SSSK is trying to tackle through local NGOs these reports have a lot of material. We provide links here to enable you to take a look:

    UNICEF 2006 Excluded and Invisible

    UNICEF 2007 Women and children

    UNICEF 2008 Child survival

    UNICEF 2009 Maternal and newborn health

    UNICEF 2010 Child Rights

    UNICEF 2011 Adolescence

    UNICEF 2012 Urban world

    UNICEF 2013 Disabilities


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