Busking for street children


Busking for street children was set up by Isla Ratcliffe and her parents in 2007 following their experiences living in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. They have been raising money for street children NGOs by busking, and did a sponsored cycle ride from Moscow to Edinburgh.

They are encouraging other youngsters to do similar things (with appropriate parental oversight).

The activity is about:
• helping street children
• having fun
• raising awareness of life on the streets
• getting more instrument practice during the summer holidays (for those with musical skills)!

There are details on their website, although we did hear from Andy Wightman recently about it, and he has written a short blog: http://www.andywightman.com/wordpress/?p=790

SSSK was approached and asked if we would pass on the monies raised to the NGOs we support, which we are very happy to do. The funds from 2007/8 have been earmarked for FSCE in Ethiopia, and in subsequent years we have allocated them within our wider grant making policy.

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