Railway Children


Railway Children exists to help vulnerable children, and grew from connections to places where railways are important. Its objective is to provide relief to children and young people who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress and in particular to those living on the streets. For these children, the streets are often the only means of support available but also where they are exposed to abuse and exploitation.

Railway Children believe that early intervention is a crucial aspect of preventing children living on the streets coming to harm, and reaching street children before an abuser can is a vital element of their work.

Railway Children have a Three Step Change Agenda [MAKE LINK] to achieve sustained change for street children:

* most pressingly, the immediate needs of children living on the streets must be met

* Railway Children tries to raise awareness in local communities, so that children’s needs and potential are recognised

* it believes that to achieve lasting change NGOs must lobby governments (both local and national) to influence policies For a fuller account, see http://www.railwaychildren.org.uk/article.asp?id=375