NGOs we support

The local organisations we support have been chosen because SSSK branch members and/or trustees have personal links with them. In each case, someone has spent time at the organisation and built up a relationship with some of its staff. We feel that this is crucial to SSSK’s approach to grant making. We are a small organisation and want to target our funding as effectively as possible. We also want to engage students in the issues affecting street-connected children and how they can be enabled to achieve their potential.


  • South Africa, Durban, Umthombo



  • UK, where Street Child United  runs the Street Child World Cup and other international events. It supports street children in wide range of countries, and works to change people’s perceptions about them.     “No child should have to live on the streets”

South and central America

In the relatively recent past, we have also made donations to Hope Village, Cairo, and to Mi Arca in Guatemala, through StreetInvest in the UK.