Balaknama is a newspaper in Delhi which gives street children there a voice. It is researched, written and edited by street children, and operates under the umbrella of CHETNA (Childhood Enhancement Through Training and Action).

CHETNA is a local grassroots organisation with an extensive range of  activities. We have known about it for some time, and in December 2016, Gordon visited their offices in Delhi and met a past editor, who had ‘retired’ at the age of 18  and is now at college.

SSSK is pleased to be able to support Balaknama with an annual donation of £500, and we mention the amount at the specific request of CHETNA.

Please find links to recent editions of the newspaper Balaknama April 2017  Balaknama July 2017 and the more recent ones in 2018,  2019 and 2020.

Balaknama March 2018  Balaknama April 2018 and Balaknama May 2018

Balaknama Feb 2019  Balaknama June-2019  Balaknama Jan 2020  and  Balaknama May 2020

The range of activities undertaken by CHETNA  is described in  CHETNA Annual Report 2016-17  and CHETNA-Annual-Report_2017-18 have many positive outcomes for street-connected children both in Delhi and elsewhere.  There is a well presented overview of CHETNA’s review of their achievements during the past five years  2020 CHETNA Strategic Plan 15-20