ChildHope Asia & Pangarap Foundation

Manila, Philippines

We are supporting two quite separate NGOs in Manila, with complementary activities.

ChildHope Asia is particularly involved in outreach, while the Pangarap Foundation is more involved in the provision of a safe home and providing the opportunity for education for children who have been persuaded to leave their street life.

ChildHope Asia carries out research, advocacy (on behalf of street children) and training, among staff and volunteers relating to street children programs. They are also working to establish a global network, with opportunities for NGOs which work with street children to communicate among themselves and gain access to information, technical assistance and other resources. In Manila they run a particularly effective outreach programme to some of the children on greatest need. Their street educators go out and gain the childrens trust, meeting the children where they are living (often in dire circumstances). This enables the educators to run programmes which will teach the children value clarification, basic literacy and numeracy, and about their rights. Also about sexual health, about how they can protect themselves, and about where they can go to get further help, and possibly shelter and education.

The Pangarap Foundation run a very impressive home in the centre of Manila for boys in acute need. It provides street children with the opportunity of a safe place to live, and of educational opportunities. The atmosphere is warm, and there’s a unique feature that particularly appealed to our SSSK visitor. It is that they are continually looking at ways of improving the outcomes for the boys in the home. Each month they carry out a staff appraisal of the progress that the boys have made, and discuss where extra help may be needed. Also, each month, the boys meet to appraise the staff, and there is feed-back and discussion. The key thing is that the boys feel very positively involved.