Street child world cup outcomes

The first Street Child World Cup took place in Durban in March 2010, and SSSK was involved in football tournaments here to raise both money and awareness, by sponsoring the event and by sending a volunteer to help. Have a look at the videos which give a brilliant picture of the scope of the activities (the football, art work generation, conference – and all the interactions). Just imagine how difficult it was in each country to get passports and visas for children, some of whom had no birth certificate AND to get the necessary sponsorship/finance to cover the cost of flights. Then see just how much was achieved.

The second Street Child World Cup was held in Brazil during March/April 2014 in Rio. Two SSSK volunteers were involved.

The third Street Child World Cup was held in Moscow in May 2018, and again, a SSSK volunteer was involved.

This is more than a game, no child should have to live on the streets.


 It’s more than a game

Durban 2010

Listen to us !

SCWC Promotional film September 2009. A street child viewpoint from South Africa.

Umthombo – South Africa SCWC Launch This video was played at the launch of the Street Child World Cup in Durban in September 2009.

The World Cup goes beyond just being a soccer tournament as it seeks to change perceptions and stereotypes and reveal the true potential of the street children. Umthombo has active programmes which encourage street children both to surf, and to play football ……. and to gain confidence

The nine films which follow, cover the soccer, the interactions, the artwork generated with children from township schools, and the conference – all resulting in the Durban Declaration – and in 100-120 children going home confident and empowered.

Film 1 The first film covers the arrival of the teams, the build up to the event, and some of the training. It culminates in the draw for the first ever Street Child World Cup.

Film 2 The opening ceremony, and the first games.

Film 3 The third film covers some of the people behind the teams – the coaches and mentors – as well as including highlights of today’s football.

Film 4 The fourth film sees unexpected events in Durban which draw attention to the reality of life on the street. The police were spotted rounding up a group of street children, and this was happening in the middle of the Street Child World Cup competition in the city.

Film 5 The fifth film takes a look at the art programme being run alongside the football tournament. Art plays an important role in the conference at the weekend and in encouraging interactions between the visiting teams and children in township schools around Durban.

Film 6 As the group stage of the competition ends, the children have a well deserved rest day. We take a moment to reflect on some images from the week so far.

Film 7 As the football tournament enters the knockout phase the children also start their indaba (conference) – where they start to discuss issues having an impact on their lives. The first topic is HOME.

Film 8 The morning sees the children discuss difficult issues relating to their experience of VIOLENCE, and of where they go to seek PROTECTION and SAFETY. In the afternoon we find out who is crowned the first STREET CHILD WORLD CHAMPIONS

Film 9 The final day. The children prepare to go home, whatever that may mean, and the people start to reflect on the week just gone, and what is needed to take the messages from the event and make them global.

The Manchester Song This song has come out of a project where young people from Manchester advocate for the rights and voices to be heard of other children and young people here and around the world. 30 young people from Manchester came together to write and produce their own song for the World Cup, to highlight the STREET CHILD WORLD CUP that was hosted in Durban (March 2010) We want people to see that football can and should bring people together but unfortunately there are some negative consequences of the FIFA World Cup – such as ‘sweeping the streets’ of street children in South Africa…but here across England the police also receive increased reports of domestic violence and alcohol related violence! We want people to use football as a force for good and therefore produced this music video to inspire people to challenge crimes against street children and young people across the World.

Arising from the event

See The Durban Declaration from the SCWC 2010 which is the distillation of all the inputs from the children during the conference

The Plan International report pdf which includes the Girls Manifesto

The Plan International Street Girls Manifesto 2010

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Shosholoza Ukraine at South Africa 2010 [17 minutes]

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The Street Child World Cup 2018

See: where using the power of sport, teams of former street children at previous events in Durban and Rio showed the world what they can achieve when they can access their rights.   This year the third SCWC was held in Moscow see 2018 Street Child World Cup.  SSSK is supported this event. See also

Meet the Volunteers

SCWC Moscow