Fundraising events

While the biggest charity fundraising event every year is the London Marathon, there are countless other opportunities around the country for running shorter distances, and/or taking part in cycling, mountain walking, university Jailbreaks and a host of other activities, and for getting sponsorship for these.

SSSK members have taken the opportunity of doing a variety of things in recent years. Going around asking for sponsorship also raises awareness, as it provides the opportunity of explaining ‘what it’s for’. For SSSK a problem with the London Marathon is that it costs the charity quite a lot of money to ‘buy’ a place. We bought such a place in 2008 for £400 (paid for by the trustees in line with our policy that all monies donated go to our NGOs), and Gabriel Lambert ran for us, raising a substantial sum. The £400, however, only bought us a potential place once every five years! In 2013, Adam Geale ran for us, and our next place will be in 2023.

Obviously if students win a place in the entry ballot for the Marathon and want to run for SSSK, we will be delighted.

For a small charity like SSSK it makes a lot of sense to encourage people to take part in local events where the entry fee is more manageable. If you ask the Trustees, they may be able to help with this, and you can either approach your BLT, or e-mail us at We have been using BTmydonate as our preferred provider for people to use as a simple way of allowing people to make on-line sponsorship contributions. Sadly BTmydonate has closed, and we are now using Golden Giving. There’s a link on the Donations page..

All we can say is “Good luck – and please get out there raising some money !” Please let us know when you set up a new fundraising page and then we can follow your progress.